LANGA is a Language Game, lead by an animation studio, powered by a team of engineers, and tested by neuroscientists (those smarty-pants in white lab coats).

It's a fun, affordable, and multi-platform solution to acquire a new language by playing casual games. You know those 5 hours a week of casual gaming that make you feel guilty? Well, LANGA is like your favorite "healthy" dessert, it's guilt-free! Because, you're like, learning stuff.'

DID YOU KNOW?Not only is LANGA the most interesting app in the world, it can make you richer, super popular, and grow your brain.

LANGA is a spin-off of Copernicus Animation Studios, creator of highly recognized international children's entertainment products for U.S. broadcast television.

Besides providing TV quality animation, the content is powered by a proprietary speech recognition engine that runs in 22 languages on any device at any time.